Find trendy & new open spots in all cities.

Thanks to a deep trends analysis, Hype is able to suggests you the most amazing and trendy spots in various categories wherever you are.

Keep on the lookout for the latest spots from New York to Tokyo !

Available for free on the App Store & in every cities.

How does it work ?

The places listed are based on a tendency analysis so that only the best appears in each category! To produce the best user experience only places that are open while you're looking at your smartphone comes up.


Based on your tastes and on your Facebook friends Hype! suggests you amazing places wherever you are! As soon as you log in you are in touch with all your friends already on Hype! Hype! does not only show the best places in each category but also assists you wherever you go thanks to its geolocation feature: as soon as you get to a new area you receive a notification listing all the interesting places nearby.


With Hype! you can also share and rate all the listed places! And if you're close by you can also add a photo and write a review. You can do more than just create a basic list of favorites: indeed Hype! automatically searches for the latest news related to your saved places and shows them in real time on the Trends tab.

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